Deck Meets: Jeamy Blessed

We met up with Jeamy Blessed, a vibrant creative from Germany whose energy and positivity leave a lasting mark. 


 Tell us about yourself, who are you and what do you do?

I am Jeamy and I actually do whatever I enjoy doing and share it with the world. Its a reminder that the things you enjoy can pay your rent if you work hard enough and believe in it.


Where did you grow up and what was it like?

I grew up in a small town in Germany near Belgium and the Netherlands, It was great I love and appreciate Germany a lot. The only weird thing is that Germany didn't have a lot of colonies, so back then there weren't a lot of black people. I literally got in contact with other black people when I was 11, It was crazy. It has all changed now thankfully. 


Is this your first time in Manchester? What are your thoughts on the city?

Yes this is my first time in Manchester. Uuh what I think? To be honest I am having a hard time liking cities. It usually takes me a few trips to get comfortable and familiar, I had a great time so I think I like it for now. 


Who Inspires you? 

There isn't really one person that inspires me, life in general inspires me. Knowing it goes on anyway its just up to you how you decide to live it.


 Who is your favourite artist in the industry right now?

I guess if I had to say, Rihanna. I love her attitude, it seems no one can tell her what to do she knows who she is and so you have to love her. 


Why do you dance?

I feel this question is a lil overrated. To be honest when we are little kids moving to music we don't do it with any certain purpose, we do it because we feel like it... out of joy. It is still the same now, I enjoy it with my heart. Dancing has helped me a lot, to express my feelings and a bunch of other things.


 It was great to finally meet you, thank you for your time and for shooting with us. 

Deck was one of the first brands to reach out to me way back, it made sense to shoot. Never forget those you started with.